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Wind Damage

In Florida, windstorms cause millions of dollars in damage to structures every year. National Weather Service predicts that damage can start occurring when winds reach the force of approximately 45 mph. Most insurance policies provide coverage for damage caused by wind. Although roofing systems are usually the most susceptible part of the structures, wind can cause damage to any part of a building due to flying debris or wind driven rain. 

Identifying wind damage and distinguishing it from any other potential cause often requires opinions provided by qualified experts. At Insurance Dispute Law Group, we work with licensed roofers, contractors, engineers, and meteorologists who assist us in challenging insurance companies’ underpayments or denials of claims. 

If you believe your insurance company is not treating you fairly, Insurance Dispute Law Group can evaluate your claim for free and discuss how we can best help you.  Email us today and set up a free consultation.

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