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If a hurricane strikes your area, your insurance policy most likely covers you for damage to your home or business property, damage to your personal property like furniture and clothing, and other expenses you may incur. 

There are absolutely no upfront costs or fees for our legal services. If you received a payment from your insurance company before you hire us, you keep 100% of that payment. Furthermore, if we are unable to recover additional money for you, you don’t owe us anything. 

If you believe your property has suffered wind and/or water damage as a result of a hurricane and your insurance company has denied your claim, underestimated the value of the damage, or delayed the investigation of your claim, we can help. Let our experienced attorneys determine if you are owed more money. Please call or email us today and set up a free consultation.

Free Evaluation

If you need help or have questions about your claim, we are here for you!