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Mold Damage

Water intrusion or even moisture can often lead to growth of mold, fungi, rot, and bacteria. Depending on its location, mold or fungi may not be visible. Insurance policies typically cover this type of damage but limit the amount of money which can be recovered. 

Insurance policies are not easy to understand, especially when it comes to mold damage. Insurance companies often interpret their policies in a way most favorable to them to avoid payment or to limit the amount of recovery. However, their conclusions can be incorrect or even misleading.  

If your insurance company has denied or underpaid your mold claim, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to review your policy and determine if you are owed money. At Insurance Dispute Law Group, we will evaluate your claim for free and discuss how we can best help you. Call us or email us today and set up a free consultation.

Free Evaluation

If you need help or have questions about your claim, we are here for you!